School Courses – One Year Courses

SR. No.Course NameCode No.Educational Qualification
01Dipolma in Business ManagementDC1-001HSC
02Diploma in International BusinessDC1-002HSC
03Diploma in Sports ManagementDC1-003HSC
04Diploma in Supply Chain ManagementDC1-004HSC
05Diploma in Advertising and Brand ManagementDC1-005HSC
06Diploma in Business Studies DC1-006HSC
07Diploma in Total Quality Management DC1-007HSC
08Diploma in Hotel ManagementDC1-008HSC
09Diploma in Health and SanitaryDC1-009HSC
10Diploma in Fire and Safety ManagementDC1-0010HSC
11Diploma in Occupational Safety and HealthDC1-0011HSC
12Diploma in Industrial Safety Management DC1-0012HSC
13Diploma in Disaster ManagementDC1-0013HSC
14PG Diploma in Banking and FinancePGDC1-0014GRAD
15PG Diploma in Export ManagementPGDC1-0015GRAD
16PG Diploma in Finacial ManagementPGDC1-0016GRAD
17PG Diploma in Human Resource ManagementPGDC1-0017GRAD
18PG Diploma in Insurance ManagementPGDC1-0018GRAD
19PG Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain ManagementPGDC1-0019GRAD
20PG Diploma in Marketing ManagementPGDC1-0020GRAD
21PG Diploma in Material ManagementPGDC1-0021GRAD
22PG Diploma in Opertion Management PGDC1-0022GRAD
23PG Diploma in Prodouction Opertion ManagementPGDC1-0023GRAD
24PG Diploma in Retall ManagementPGDC1-0024GRAD
25PG Diploma in Sports Management PGDC1-0025GRAD
26PG Diploma in Customer Relationship ManagementPGDC1-0026GRAD
27PG Diploma in E-CommersPGDC1-0027GRAD
28PG Diploma in Hotel & Tourism ManagementPGDC1-0028GRAD
29PG Diploma in Disaster ManagementPGDC1-0029GRAD
30Diploma in Mechanical EngineeringDC1-0030SSC
31Diploma in Boiler AttendantDC1-0031SSC
32Diploma in Architect DraughtsmanDC1-0032SSC
33Diploma in Draughtman CivilDC1-0033SSC
34Diploma in Nterior Decoration And Decoration And DesigningDC1-0034SSC
35Diploma in Construcation SurveyingDC1-0035SSC
36Diploma in Library And Information ScienceDC1-0036SSC
37 SecondarySSC01-0037
38Senior SecondaryHSC01-0038SSC