School Courses – Three Year Courses

SR. No.Course NameCode No.Educational Qualification
01Diploma in Automobile DC3-001SSC
02Diploma in CivilDC3-002SSC
03Diploma in Computer ScienceDC3-003SSC
04Diploma in Electrical DC3-004SSC
05Diploma in Electonics DC3-005SSC
06Diploma in Hotel Managment & Catering TechnologyDC3-006SSC
07Diploma in Information Technology DC3-007SSC
08Diploma in MechanicalDC3-008SSC
09Diploma in Visual & Fine ArtsDC3-009SSC
10Diploma in Tourism ManagmentDC3-0010SSC
11Bachelor of ArtsBA3-0011HSC
12Bachelor of Arts (Hons)BAH3-0012HSC
13Bachelor of ScienceBSC-0013HSC