Vocational Courses – One Year Courses

SR. No.Course NameCode No.Educational Qualification
01 Certificate in Hotel ManagementVC-001HSC
02Certificate in Fire safetyVC-002HSC
03 Certificate in Industrial safetyVC-003HSC
04Certificate in Disaster managementVC-004HSC
05Certificate in Environment ManagementVC-005HSC
06Certificate in Mechannic in DieselVC-006HSC
07Certificate in Tractor MechanicalVC-007HSC
08Certificate in PlumberVC-008HSC
09Certificate in WelderVC-009HSC
10Certificate in PainterVC-0010HSC
11Certificate in Home ScienceVC-0011HSC
12Certificate in CookeryVC-0012HSC
13Certificate in Bakery & ConfectionaryVC-0013HSC
14Certificate in Cookery (For the Hearing Impaired)VC-0014HSC
15Certificate in Cookery,Bakery & ConfectioneryVC-0015HSC
16Certificate in Cookery TechnicianVC-0016HSC
17Certificate in Hotel Management & Catering technologyVC-0017HSC
18Certificate in Weaving MechanicVC-0018HSC
19Certificate in Beauty CultureVC-0019HSC
20Certificate in Handmade shoe makingVC-0020HSC
21Certificate in Shorthand EnglishVC-0021HSC
22Certificate in Stenography English VC-0022HSC
23Certificate in Stenography Marathi VC-0023HSC
24Certificate in Marketing And Salesmanship AssistantVC-0024HSC
25Certificate in Banking AssistantVC-0025HSC
26Certificate in Financial Accounting VC-0026HSC
27Certificate in Retail SystemVC-0027HSC
28Certificate in Handcraft & work Experience TeacherVC-0028HSC