Vocational Courses – Six Months Courses

SR. No.Course NameCode No.Educational Qualification
01Certificate in Bartending CC06-001SSC
02 Certificate in MulticusineCC06-002SSC
03 Certificate in Housekeeping OperationsCC06-003SSC
04Certificate in Bakery and PatisserieCC06-004SSC
05Diploma in Food Preparation & Cooking (Multi Cuisine)DC06-005SSC
06Diploma in Food Preparation & Cooking (Bakery)DC06-006SSC
07Diploma in Food Preparation & Cooking (Culinary Arts)Multi cuisineDC06-007SSC
08Diploma in Food & Beverage Service DCO6-008SSC
09Diploma in Reception Operation ServicesDC06-009SSC
10Diploma in Welding TechnologyDC06-0010SSC
11Diploma in Building Construction SurveyingDC06-0011SSC
12Diploma in Agricultural TechnologyDC06-0012SSC
13Diploma in Auto Engineering TechnicianDC06-0013SSC
14Diploma in Dairy FarmingDC06-0014SSC
15Diploma in Mechanic Motor VehicleDC06-0015SSC
16Diploma in Hotel OperationsDC06-0016SSC
17Diploma in Catering And Restaurant ManagementDC06-0017SSC
18Diploma in Professional BeauticianDC06-0018SSC